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When Terry Funk talks about pro wrestling 
you should should listen ... 

Terry Funk is talking about pro wrestling in Wrestling Perspective #100.

In 1995 Terry Funk told Wrestling Perspective that Eric Bischoff was going to destroy the pro wrestling business as we knew it. 

Most experts scoffed at his prediction. 

Time proved Terry Funk correct. WCW is out of business, Eric Bischoff is out of a job, and the U.S. pro wrestling scene is a one promotion monopoly controlled by Vince McMahon. 

Now, Terry Funk is back in the pages of Wrestling Perspective giving his assessment of the pro wrestling business. 

What bold predictions is he making this time? 

Read Wrestling Perspective #100 and find out. 

In this amazing interview, Terry Funk ...

  • Gives his honest assessment of Vince McMahon. 
  • Spells out exactly why the WWF is struggling. 
  • Discusses his stints in ECW, WCW and the WWF. 
  • Talks about Eric Bischoff and why WCW went out of business. 
  • Explains why the survival of pro wrestling hinges on the formation of a wrestler's union. 

These topics and many others are addressed by Terry Funk in Wrestling Perspective's historic 100th issue.

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Not sure you want to order Issue #100 yet? 

Then read these excerpts below: 

Terry Funk on his prediction to Wrestling Perspective seven years ago that WCW would go out of business because of Monday Nitro "I wish that my prediction wouldn't have held true because I truly believe we need competition in this business. I believe it is a necessity. I really do. I think competition is the greatest thing in the world. If  competition wasn't necessary, we'd still have Henry Ford selling black Model A's." 

Terry Funk on what's the biggest problem in the wrestling business "It's as Vince McMahon perceives it to be as far as the wrestling business is concerned. What he perceives, is what it is. And that's really sad ... I am sure that the WWF will continue on. I am sure that they will be successful. But they will not be as successful as they were a couple of years ago when they hit their ultimate peak." 

Terry Funk on what killed ECW "I think ECW was creative and ahead of its time, but then they slipped behind. They needed to be more in tune with the avenues of revenue that are available to them and how to be  successful. Television is not the way to go." 

Terry Funk on Paul Heyman "I couldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Hell, no. But I love him. I absolutely love him. I truly mean that ... You'd see him from a distance and you're ready to go ahead and kick the sh*t out of him. By the time you get up to him, he's got you laughing. You can't help it. He's wonderful at that. He does have a wonderful mind for this business, believe it or not." 

Terry Funk on Kevin Sullivan "Kevin was the kind of guy who had 2,000 ideas about what you could do. Maybe not all of them were good, but he damn sure wasn't short on ideas." 

Terry Funk giving one of many reasons why wrestlers needs a union "Do they think (the money) will last them for a lifetime? What if they go ahead and get their a** hurt? What if they go ahead and get some kind of sickness and have to buy the medicine themselves and it costs $10,000 or $15,000 a month. You think it's impossible for this to happen? They better look at that. It's not so farfetched." 

Can you afford to ignore Terry Funk? 

Not if you're a pro wrestling fan. 

Order Issue #100 today. 

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Issue #100 also contains 

  • "Lou Thesz: My Hero ... My Friend" - The Phantom of the Ring's personal tribute to the legendary Lou Thesz. This isn't another Lou Thesz obituary, this is the moving story of a friendship. 
  • "The Life and Times of a Hooker" - The Phantom of the Ring examines Thesz's autobiography Hooker. No one has ever looked at Thesz's book this way before.

If you're a true pro wrestling fan, you can't afford to miss this issue. 

Issue #100 is too good to pass up.

Order Issue #100 today!!!

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Still not sure?

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Order Issue #100 today!!!

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