I readily recommend Wrestling Perspective to anyone wishing to get past the BS and into the truth about the world of professional wrestling. -- Terry Taylor

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  Wrestling Perspective
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Wrestling Perspective?
A: Wrestling Perspective is a newsletter for the discriminating wrestling fan. We dedicate our pages to high-quality analysis of the wrestling business. Rather than reprint news, rumors and gossip found in other publications, we tackle important issues and put them under a microscope. 

News publications, by their very nature, are rushed and often filled with a hurried collection of facts that don't lend much insight. Wrestling Perspective takes on a subject and explores the many angles. When you're finished reading a Wrestling Perspective article, you are likely to look at the subject differently. 

As for our interviews, we talk with marquee players be they current stars, behind-the-scenes powerbrokers, or legends of the game. Each interview goes beyond the standard quick question and answer fare. When you read a Wrestling Perspective interview, you learn more about the business, the wrestler, and the human being who works as that wrestler. 

Former WCW Announcer Chris Cruise summed up Wrestling Perspective this way: "No other wrestling publication provides incisive, long-form interviews from the biggest names in the business, combined with smart commentary and The Phantom of the Ring's look at the history of pro wrestling."

Q: Are your writers professionals?
A: Yes. This is something most wrestling publications and Web sites cannot claim. Wrestling Perspective's writers are media professionals and award-winning journalists with an extensive history of publication in high- profile magazines and newspapers. No other publication has a writing staff whose credits are as expansive as Wrestling Perspective's. To learn more about our writers click here

Q: What's different about your interviews?
A: We conduct interviews with legends and current newsmakers that are not the fluff you normally see on the Web. Where else are you going to read in-depth interviews (10,000 - 20,000 words) with Lord Alfred Hayes and Terry Taylor? Where else are you going to read a 10,000+ word interview with Bobby Heenan that goes beyond the everyday stuff? Most interviews on the Web are short and uninformative. When you're finished reading it, you don't get a sense of the person. Wrestling Perspective interviews get inside the heads of wrestling's important figures.

Q: Who have you interviewed?
A: It runs the gamut from legends like Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, the late Gordon Solie, Jack Brisco and the Funk Brothers, to movers and shakers such as Jim Cornette, Johnny Ace, Terry Taylor and George Scott, to today’s biggest stars such as Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon, and William Regal.

Q: Do you print the same old news and rumors that I can read for free on the Internet?
A: No. Our newsletter has always been unique in that we take important wrestling issues and topics and dedicate 2,000- to 3,000-word essays on them. We explore several different angles on any given topic. But we do not rehash the same old news found on the Net and in many other wrestling newsletters. 

Q: Do you write about wrestling history?
A: Yes. Our resident historian, the Phantom of the Ring ®, writes articles that are vital to understanding how our beloved sport evolved into what it is today. He examines a person, event or trend in wrestling history, dissects it and shows how that person, event, or trend influenced the sport today. From the History of the Stereotype to wrestling in the movies to the career of Ed "Strangler" Lewis, the Phantom of the Ring brings the history of the sport to life with his spirited, entertaining and informative writings. For a sample of one of his great articles, click here.

Q: Is your Phantom of the Ring the same one who wrote for Wrestling Eye, Ringside Reflector, Wrestling Forum, and WOW?
A: Yes, the very same one. To learn more about the Phantom of the Ring, click here.

Q: Do WWE employees really read Wrestling Perspective?
A: Yes. Though we can't tell you which ones, several WWE employees not only read Wrestling Perspective, but also are highly complimentary of the product.

Q: How long have you been publishing Wrestling Perspective? 
A: We started publishing Wrestling Perspective in February 1990. We are one of pro wrestling's oldest newsletters. We were college friends who shared a mutual love for wrestling and were looking for an outlet to express our feelings on this incredible industry. The end result: Wrestling Perspective.

Q: How often do you publish?
A: Six to ten  issues a year

Q: Why don't you publish more frequently?
A: Quality or quantity? We only put out Wrestling Perspective when there is enough high-quality content to fill out an issue. We never pad our issues with frivolity. We never want you to be dissatisfied with Wrestling Perspective, so we put our best effort into every issue.  

Q: Is the Phantom of the Ring a trademarked name?
A: Yes. When other wrestling commentators call themselves the Phantom they are violating the Phantom of the Ring's trademark. 

Q: Is Wrestling Perspective trademarked?
A: Yes. Wrestling Perspective, WrestlingPerspective.Com, In Perspective, A Different Perspective, Perspective/Counter Perspective are trademarks of the Wrestling Perspective partnership, Paul MacArthur & David Skolnick publishers. 

Q: Are Wrestling Perspective articles and interviews copyrighted?
A: Yes. They may not be quoted, reprinted or distributed without written permission from Wrestling Perspective publishers Paul MacArthur and David Skolnick.

Q: Do you sell your subscriber list?
A: No. We respect our subscribers' privacy. 

Q: What awards have you won?
A: Wrestling Perspective was named the Newsletter of the Decade at the end of 1999, by Evan Ginzburg, publisher of Wrestling Then & Now.

Q: How much does Wrestling Perspective cost? 
A: $2.50 per issue in the US, $3.00 per issue in Canada and Mexico, $3.75 overseas. Add $1 for back issues. 

Q: How can I subscribe?
A: You can send cash, check or money orders to: 

 Wrestling Perspective
 899 South College Mall Road
 Suite 122
 Bloomington, IN  47401

You can order 1 - 12 issues. Please make checks payable to Wrestling Perspective.

Q: Can I use a credit card to subscribe?
A: Sure. Click here for credit card ordering. 

Q: Can I order back issues of Wrestling Perspective?
A: Yes. Click here for a list of our available back issues.

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
A: The world may never know. But two bucks will get you the current issue of Wrestling Perspective. 

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