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  What Our Readers Are Saying About Wrestling Perspective

I love Wrestling Perspective. I really do. The people who you interview are extremely interesting. To me, they are wonderfully interesting and I want to hear what they have to say. That's the bottom line. Why do I read it verbatim? I read it because I find it interesting. It's very enjoyable. 
-- Terry Funk  

I don't read Wrestling Perspective for news or gossip. I read it for the interviews, the opinions and experiences of my peers, those who came before me and those who followed. I don't always agree, but I am always interested, and often I learn something.

-- Jim Cornette  

I can't remember exactly how I happened upon a Wrestling Perspective article, but when I finished reading it I had to take a deep breath and say, "WOW." It's as if the writer was talking to me and he understood exactly how I saw wrestling. 

The funny part is at the Brian Pillman Memorial this year a group of us were at a sports bar and somehow the subject of Wrestling Perspective came up. I raved about an article I had read and a guy one table over said, "I wrote that." 

The editors/writers Paul and David impressed me even more as human beings than did their writing. That's saying something. I readily recommend Wrestling Perspective to anyone wishing to get past the BS and into the truth about the world of professional wrestling. 
--Terry Taylor   

When Wrestling Perspective arrives in the mail I set aside everything else. Really. No other wrestling publication provides incisive, long-form interviews from the biggest names in the business, combined with smart commentary and The Phantom of the Ring's look at the history of pro wrestling. I like WP, I trust WP, and you should too. Read WP and you'll get inside the head of the important players in the game. I recommend it without hesitation.

-- Christopher Cruise, former WCW Announcer  

I do want to comment on Perspective; how impressed I was with the language. I thought I was reading the Wall Street Journal instead of a wrestling paper. 

-- Les Thatcher, top wrestling trainer and former wrestler and announcer

I can sincerely say that there hasn't been a more consistently interesting and well done wrestling newsletter anywhere. Their interviews are incredibly well researched and most importantly, they have a great love of history. These guys do it out of the joy of fanzine publishing, not greed, and have my utmost respect and support.
-- Evan Ginzburg, Editor of Wrestling Then & Now  declaring Wrestling Perspective the "Newsletter of the Decade." 

I want to give a big plug for Wrestling Perspective, one of the oldest newsletters in the business. They are presently running a shoot interview with Bill Apter and it is BEYOND tremendous. I've always said that Wrestling Perspective had the best interviews in wrestling journalism and this one certainly proved it.
-- Karl Stern, Editor of Dragon King Press.  

This (article about Positioning and the WWF) would've made my editors' mouths water. 
  -- Matt Bergin, former Assitant Editor of  Brand Marketing   

Your editorial (about Positioningand the WWF) is without a doubt one of the best pieces about wrestling I have ever read. It was beautifully done. 

-- DF, New York  

I couldn't believe that your publication doesn't get the exposure and recognition that the other 'mainstream' wrestling newsletters do!!!  The caption "For The Discriminating Wrestling Fan" says it all. Thanks for a terrific publication.

-- RM, New York

Keep up the excellent work you do on every issue!! 
-- KL, Pennsylvania  

I have every issue of Wrestling Perspective and I look forward to every new issue. It's been a class publication over the years and continues to improve. Seems every issue breaks some new important info. Also one of my first idols is one of its main writers: The Phantom of the Ring. To me (it's one of) the three main sheets of 2001.

--SY, California

A really informative publication which goes beyoned the usual! Especially enjoy the Phantom. Keep on keeping us informed and interested.

-- JS,  Florida  

Sure enjoyed your part I interview with Lord Hayes. He's quite a character and tells great stories.

-- DW, Tennessee

I enjoyed the Dick Hutton interview.

-- BK, Pennsylvania  

I enjoy the interviews, can't believe that I never subscribed until recently.  It's good that in this day of the Internet there is still a place for this type of newsletter. Keep up the good work. 

-- CH, Ontario, Canada

I enjoy the high intelligence level of Wrestling Perspective.
-- JM, Illinois  

I really enjoy WP. You guys do a great job.

-- TF, Massachusetts

Been reading for many years. Love WP! Repeat subscriber!
-- LS,  South Carolina

Love the Perspective. I look forward to receiving it to get clear thoughts on this great sport.
-- AG, New York

A great publication! Always interesting and informative!
-- JW, Ohio

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