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Dick Slater Shoots From The Lip
In Wrestling Perspective #102

Dick Slater has seen it all and done it all in the wrestling business. Slater's traveled the country and the world headlining shows in front of thousands of fans. He has many stories to tell, but, until now, had nowhere to tell them.

In Part II of his interview with Wrestling Perspective, featured in Issue 102, Dirty Dick holds nothing back.

He is beholden to no one in the wrestling business.

If he doesn't like someone, he explains why and some of his targets will shock you.

If he admires someone, he pays his respects to those who deserve them.

If you thought Part I of the Slater interview, featured in Issue 101, was insightful, wait until you read the final part of that discussion in Issue 102.

In this incredible interview, Slater discusses ...

  • Who was the most difficult promoter he worked for in his lengthy career and why.
  • His stint in the WWF as The Rebel and his thoughts on why the gimmick failed.
  • The reasons why he walked out on the WWF.
  • His time tagging with Dick Murdoch as the Hardliners.
  • His amazing experiences in the Middle East being trapped in Kuwait while a war was taking place.
  • The devastating injury that forced him to quit the business.
  • The numerous problems he had with doctors and the several brutal operations he underwent. It's a malpractice suit waiting to happen.
  • The difficult road to recovery.
  • His thoughts on the current wrestling scene.

These topics and many others are addressed by Slater in Wrestling Perspective #102.

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Not sure you want to own Issue #102 yet?

Then read these excerpts below:

Slater on Bill Watts:
"Having to work with him was like trying to pull teeth. He didn't have a clue."

Slater on Dusty Rhodes:
"Dusty didn't like anybody else drawing but himself. He wanted credit for everything. "

Slater on Vince McMahon's hiring of Eric Bischoff:
"I know Vince McMahon's on a power trip and he's got a big ego, but I mean to even hire Eric Bischoff's got to be absolutely stupid, ridiculous."

Slater on marraige:
"I had three successful marriages." (laughs)

Slater on his injuries:
"I'm 51 going on 180. (laughs) Me and Evel Knievel, we've got the same body."

Slater on how WCW treated him after he got injured:
"They don't care. They just don't care. They left me out on a limb."

Slater on unionizing pro wrestling:
"That will probably never happen. But it would be good... If there was a union then Vince McMahon would want to be president of the union."

Order Issue #102 today.

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #102?

  • A review of the late legendary wrestling promoter Paul Boesch's autobiography, Hey, Boy Where'd You Get Them Ears? The Phantom of the Ring dissects and evaluates the book as only wrestling's foremost historian can, while lending insight into Paul Boesch the man. He also gives you the low down on its accuracy.

If you're a Dick Slater fan, or a Paul Boesch fan, or even if you're not, you owe it to yourself to read Wrestling Perspective #102.

Issue #102 is too good to pass up.

What's more, it's only $2.00.

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Wrestling Perspective #102
The Dick Slater Interview
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