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Tommy Edwards - a former WCW insider - reveals his thoughts on the fallen company and its key players in Wrestling Perspective #104.
Tommy Edwards, a former WCW producer and director, concludes his talk with Wrestling Perspective in the latest issue.

For four years, Edwards helped shape the WTBS wrestling shows broadcast to millions of fans each week.

He quickly rose to prominence in the company during the late 1980s only to have the rug pulled out from under him by Jim Herd. 

In Part II of his interview with Wrestling Perspective, Edwards talks candidly about why Jim Crockett had to sell the company to Ted Turner and the many personalities with whom he worked.

The interview is an insider's perspective into what many people feel was the last great wrestling promotion in the business.

Edwards was silent about this chapter in his life for more than 10 years. The only place you can read his amazing story is in Wrestling Perspective.

In this incredible interview, Edwards discusses ...

Taping unique matches such as the Triple Cage and scaffolds.

Why he believes too much national publicity hurt the wrestling industry.

Why he knew Lex Luger could never carry WCW.

How his opinions got him pushed out of the company.

These topics and many others are addressed by Edwards in Wrestling Perspective #104.

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Not sure you want to own Issue #104 yet? 

Then read these excerpts below: 

Edwards on how exposing the business has hurt wrestling:
"The wrestling fan doesn't believe he wanted to hear that, even though he might have been thinking it. Thinking it and knowing it are really two different things. He did not want to hear that."

Edwards on Jim Cornette:
"I liked Jim Cornette because he was flamboyant. He was a loudmouth. He was funny as ever. I mean, to me, yeah, he was witty."

Edwards on why he didn't want older, established stars being pushed:
"That was another problem they had with me. I didn't want to go backwards. My whole thing was, hey, we're new. Let's make some new faces. See I was a face freak. Let's get some new, exciting, good-looking guys in there." 

Edwards on Barry Windham:
"I thought he would have been it. He was what you were looking for: good-looking, could wrestle, could talk, should have been money in the bank."

Edwards on Referee Tommy Young:
"He could go with anything they wanted to do. He knew what to do. He was believable."

Order Issue #104 today. 

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #104?

Wrestling Perspective's annual awards and we name the 2003 winner of the Editors' Award for Lifetime Achievement. 

We also give you The Phantom of the Ring's Phannies, an annual look at the worst of the worst in wrestling. 

What's a Phannie? Here's an example:

Worst Musicians: None other than Fozzie and their hopeless frontman, Chris Jericho. As Moonroof McTerrible, or whatever he calls himself, Jericho sings like a cat with a rectal thermometer lodged in its kidney. In fact, cats have been known to attempt suicide during Jericho's performances. Seriously, there's a better cover band than this playing in a garage on every street in North America.

Issue #104 is too good to pass up.

What's more, it's only $3.00. 

Order Issue #104 today!!!

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Wrestling Perspective #104
The Tommy Edwards Interview Part 2 
Only $3.00
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