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Bill Apter explains how and why he left "The Apter Mags" behind in Wrestling Perspective #106.

In the late-'90s, Bill Apter left his longtime employer London Publishing, publisher of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, to join WOW Magazine.

It was something of a shock. For more than 20 years, Apter was the face of Inside Wrestling, The Wrestler, Sports Review Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Now he was leaving that family of magazines -- The Apter Mags as they were known - behind. 


In part two of his interview with Wrestling Perspective, Apter explains why he left the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family and discusses the rise and fall of WOW magazine. 

In this interview, Apter also talks about how he helped both Andy Kaufman and Taz get into the business, and his dealings with Vince McMahon.

In Part II of this rare and candid interview in Issue #106, Apter also discusses:

  • His scariest moments shooting matches at ringside.
  • What was the biggest surprise to him in his 33 years in the business
  • How he almost had a major run-in with Fritz Von Erich.
  • How he helped Hulk Hogan get into the Rocky III movie

These topics and many others are addressed by Apter in Wrestling Perspective #106.

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Then read these excerpts below:

Apter on the tragedies in the World Class promotion: "I never saw it coming. I was down there a lot of times and, yeah, I did see some of the boys smoking pot and doing other drugs and stuff like that, but that was pretty much prevalent in every promotion that I went to."

Apter on Bruno Sammartino: "Back in the early Seventies if you would take anything Bruno Sammartino said out of context he would call you at home and I would get calls from him sometimes twice a month. He was so PO'd and I would stay on the phone and I liked him and he liked me and so it was very difficult because the next month I would try and straighten out in the magazine something we wrote that he said we didn't quote him directly about. That was always tough."

Apter on wrestlers' biographies: "I recently read the Lawler book; but I really, I don't read a lot of them because I find a lot of them are kind of screaming about everything that's wrong, this type of thing, everybody trying to make those wrong points. So I would rather remember people's careers the way I saw them."

Apter on a young Paul Heyman: "When I was down at ringside, me, George Napolitano, and this guy named Frank Amato, we used to try our best to get him ousted from ring side because he would walk right in front of us and grab a shot and walk right into your shots. He was very obnoxious back then. And he stayed in the business because of Ernie Roth, the Grand Wizard. Ernie Roth really took him under his wing, and all of the other managers really liked him, too."

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #106?

Part II of the Phantom of the Ring's historical analysis of boxer-wrestler Primo Carnera. 

This article is a ground-breaking piece of wrestling journalism that details Carnera's fascinating life. 

In Part II the Phantom analyzes Carnera's wrestling career and life after leaving the business.

Issue #106 is too good to pass up.

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Wrestling Perspective #106
The Bill Apter Interview Part 2
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