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Rick Steamboat talks about his legendary Wrestlemania III match against Randy Savage in Wrestling Perspective #108.

When Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage locked up at Wrestlemania III, the two men had a simple goal: They wanted to steal the biggest wrestling show in history.

They did.

They did it so well, in fact, that more than 15 years later, the match is still considered one of the best in Wrestlemania's history.

How did they do it? What made the match so unqiue? How did they upstage the two legends, Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, who were in the main event?

In Part II of his two-hour interview with Wrestling Perspective, Steamboat talks about this legendary match in detail. He also discusses his final days in the Mid-Atlantic territory, his icy relationship with then-Mid-Atlantic booker Dusty Rhodes, and his decision to leave for the World Wrestling Federation.

Ricky Steamboat, wrestling's quintessential babyface, is among the most articulate performers in the history of the business. Combine that with Wrestling Perspective, which has earned a reputation as the place to find the best shoot interviews in wrestling, and you can imagine what you'll learn by reading the interview. 

In Part II of this candid interview, Steamboat discusses:  

  • The famous tag team bouts he and Jay Youngblood had in the Mid-Atlantic territory with Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle, and the Brisco Brothers. 
  • How he had to convince promoter Jim Crockett to book the matches. 
  • The response the matches received in the Carolinas. 
  • Why he took a break from wrestling in 1983 and how much money he walked away from. 
  • His problems with Dusty Rhodes and why he quit the territory. 
  • How he was wooed by the WWF. 
  • His early WWF matches with Don Muraco. 
  • His martial arts background - or lack thereof. 

These topics and many others are addressed by Steamboat in Wrestling Perspective #108.

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Then read these excerpts below:

Steamboat on trying to get to a 1983 steel cage match that pitted himself and Jay Youngblood against Slaughter and Kernodle in Greensboro:  "I get off at the exit into Greensboro for the Coliseum, and traffic is backed up down the ramp. I look over at Jay, and I say, 'Man, there must have been an accident.' I look at my watch, and say, 'Man, we're going to be late to the building.' So I started driving on the shoulder up the ramp, around the overpass, going to the city of Greensboro on the side roads, the side of the shoulder, on the sidewalks just to get to the Coliseum. ... On a CB radio, the state patrol was saying, 'If you want to go see the wrestling show in Greensboro, it's sold out. Turn around and go home.' Traffic was backed up for five miles. That was from the exit to the building."

Steamboat on what Jim Crockett had to say about the sell-out card:  "We get to the building, and (Jim) Crockett comes up to us and says, 'You know, they've got the match with Harley (Race) and Ric (Flair). But these people have come to see you guys.'"  

Steamboat on working with Jack Brisco:  "Jack was so laid back. Your first impression meeting him was: 'Wow, Jack Brisco. A world champion. What a legend.' But five minutes of sitting and talking with the guy, he's so laid back, very, very Floridish. Just eased the tension and throw that out the window because he's very, very business-minded and very, very fair. Had great, great matches with Jack and Jerry. Fun, fun matches. Many times I'd be standing in the corner trying to cover my mouth up from laughing; working with those guys." 

Steamboat on Dusty Rhodes:  "He was using me to put himself over." 

Steamboat on Nikita Koloff:  "He was very, very stiff, and very, very mechanical looking." 

Steamboat on meeting Vince McMahon: "Vince can be very convincing in his verbage and his mannerisms. Even the look on his face, when he's talking to you, you can walk out of that office saying to yourself, 'You are going to make so much money with this company that you can retire early.' You have that feeling. His vision, and the way he would put it across to you was so convincing that there was no doubt in my mind that this company was going to set new standards in the profession, and which it did."

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #108?

  • The Top 100 Wrestlers of All Time ... Well, sort of ... Actually, that's a book and The Phantom of the Ring takes this book to task. He explains where the editors went wrong with their selections, and their selection process and he submits his own Top 25 list for scrutiny. The Phantom's review will stir some debate among wrestling fans and historians.

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Wrestling Perspective #108 The Rick Steamboat Interview Part 2

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