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Rick Steamboat tells how he was mistreated by the WWF after his legendary Wrestlemania III match with Randy Savage in Wrestling Perspective #109.
In 1987, Ricky Steamboat won the Intercontinental Title from  Randy Savage at Wrestlemania III in one of the greatest matches in WWF history. 

The match solidified Steamboat’s position as the best worker. 

The Intercontinental Title solidified Steamboat’s position as the organization’s number two baby face. 

Six weeks later he dropped the Intercontinental Title to one of the worst workers in the company: the Honky Tonk Man. 

Disgusted, Steamboat walked away from the company. 

It would be almost a year before he would return to the WWF. 


Many stories cite the birth of Steamboat’s son Ritchie as the reason why The Dragon dropped the Intercontinental Title and left the WWF for several months. 

But in Part III of his two-hour interview with Wrestling  Perspective, Steamboat reveals there is more to this story … much more. 

You can read the entire story in Wrestling Perspective #109. 

In this candid interview, Steamboat also discusses: 

  • His legendary 1989 series of matches with Ric Flair. 
  • Why he and Ric Flair worked together so well.
  • The psychology of working long matches.  
  • Why he and Randy Savage never had a classic rematch. 
  • His 1989 contract dispute with WCW. 
  • Who came up with the "family man" gimmick and why Steamboat thinks it backfired. 
These topics and many others are addressed by Steamboat in Wrestling Perspective #109.

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Then read these excerpts below:

Steamboat on his reputation for working long matches in the WWF:  "Most of the guys, when they found out they were getting hooked up with me for a series, they started working out. (Wrestlers) would tell me, 'You know, I'm probably going to haave the greatest matches of my life working with you.'"

Steamboat on his fire breathing gimmick : "I'd have to go about every three months to get a blood check. Kerosene has a lot of lead in it, and it's the same thing as kids eating lead paint."

Steamboat on all of the animal gimmicks in the WWF: "It looked like Noah's Ark. Vince was the proclaimed Noah."

Steamboat on working opening matches with Haku: "We would go out and have such great matches that the rest of the guys hated to go out after us'" 

Steamboat on working with Ric Flair in 1989: "We liked to work, and we knew we could ... We felt so comfortable with each other."

Steamboat on why his famous 1989 two-out-of-three fall match with Ric Flair: "The only thing we had was the finish. The rest, we just wing it, and call it in the ring."

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #109?

  • Wrestling Perspective's 2004 Editors Award For Lifetime Achievment. We look back at a wrestling threesome that set a standard of excellence in professional wrestling as of yet unequaled.
  • The Annual Phannies -- The worst of the worst are, ahem,  honored.  The Phantom of the Ring and Bill "Potshot" Kunkel skewer wrestling's worst with the wit, style, and pizzazz in a 5,000+ word article that will have you busting your gut from your own hearty laughter. 

  • What's a Phannie look like? 

    Well, here are a couple: 

    Worst Prop: Our old friend, the Wifebeater, who brings a weedwacker to the ring. What the hell is the significance of this? Could it be because he is a wifebeater his wife wouldn't give him any love, so he uses the weedwacker to, say, help himself? Just when we think we've seen it all, they always take us a peg lower. At least the Sandman's "Singapore" cane made a modicum of sense. 
    Dishonorable Mention: The inevitable stretch limo.

    Worst Highlight Show: The highlight reel of Raw, proving beyond a doubt that anything worth watching on that show took place within a two-minute time frame.   

  • That's not all ... there's also a very informative letter from Dr. Mike Lano about Fred Blassie.
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Wrestling Perspective #109 The Rick Steamboat Interview Part 3
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