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Paul Orndorff Headlined The First Wrestlemania.

Read What It Was Like In Wrestling Perspective #111.

Paul Orndorff's toughness, marketability, and wrestling ability made him one of Vince McMahon's key acquisitions when the WWF went national more than two decades ago.

Orndorff headlined the first Wrestlemania, and a year later, had one of the biggest drawing feuds in WWF history against Hulk Hogan.

What was it like to be one of the top performers during Vince McMahon's national expansion?

In Part II of a two-hour interview with Wrestling Perspective, Paul Orndorff talks about this and much more, including his time in WCW, working as a trainer at WCW's Power Plant, and his post-retirement.

In this candid interview, Orndorff discusses: 

• His ability to get great matches out of inferior opponents. 

• His thoughts on the Wrestlemania I main event. 

• Why he was the logical choice to lose the match.

• Which celebrities impressed him at the historic show. 

• How wrestling got in the way of a potential future as an actor. 

• His "retirement" from the business. 

• His "return" to wrestling working for SMW.  

• His move to World Championship Wrestling. 

• His decision to leave active competition for a road agent job. 

• His legendary backstage fight with Vader.

• Training students at the WCW's Power Plant. 

• Why he wants to get back into  the business.   

These topics and many others are addressed by Orndorff in Wrestling Perspective #111.

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Then read these excerpts below:

Ordorff on working with Hulk Hogan: "I enjoyed working with  Terry. Terry has brought a lot to the table. But I truly think that  I made a lot of Terry."  

Ordorff on turning face after the Wrestlemania match: "You got to realize that  it's hard for some people. But I could do either way. And I could get  the same response as a heel as I could a babyface, you see what I'm  saying? Now where as I can do both. I can make you hate me. I can make  you love me. And that's what's hard."  

Ordorff on working with "Adorable" Adrian Adonis: "I wasn't all for that.  No, I wasn't."  

Ordorff on why he left the WWF: "I was burnt out. I as  just so tired. Vince wouldn't even give me hardly any days off. I was  just running, running. Mentally, I was drained. I mean, I'd get a few  days off and he'd call me back. Give me more money and naturally I'd  go back. All I wanted was a few days off.'  

Ordorff on leaving the WWF and opening bowling alleys: "That was too doggone  many headaches. I'm simple and it just got to be more and more and more  and I just said to heck with this."  

Ordorff on being a WCW road agent: "It was enjoyable. I liked  it. I didn't take no crap from anybody."  

Ordorff on the Vader fight: "Before I knew it, he's sucker punched me and he made a mistake and I got up and the rest is  history."  

Ordorff on his relationship with Vince McMahon: "I'm a renegade, I'm a  rebel and that's exactly what he did. He was a rebel. Look what he did.  I liked that. I really did. I liked that. I had a good rapport with  Vince. Course we'd argue some and I'd argue back at him, but he was  the boss and I respect Vince wholeheartedly."  

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #111?

The Phantom  of the Ring and Bill "Potshot" Kunkel give out their annual Phannies. 

What's a Phannie? Here's an example:

Worst Marks (Amateur Division):  Those wrestling writers who actually believed Brock Lesnar would make  the Vikings roster. Chumps. 

Worst Sex Tape: Chyna’s tryst with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. We haven’t seen it, but those who have describe it as “comparable to watching the Munsters getting it on.” That’s actually more than we needed, or wanted, to know. Too bad Marlon Perkins is no longer alive. Maybe he could have explained it.

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #111?

Wrestling Perspective gives its eighth annual Editors' Award for Lifetime Achievement to wrestling legend Terry Funk. Find out why.

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