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In Wrestling Perspective #85 we interview several wrestling superstars...

Okay, that sounds pretty vauge.

Here's the deal. Wrestling Perspective had the opportunity to conduct several interviews with many top stars in the business. Those stars include:

• Eddie Guerrero
• Chris Benoit
• Dean Malenko
• Billy Kidman
• Dallas Page
• Torrie Wilson
• Charles Robinson
• D'Lo Brown
• Kevin Nash
• Steven Regal
• Hugh Morrus
• Disco Inferno 

That's a pretty impresive list by any standards and we think you should order Wrestling Perspective #85 immediately.

But, in case you aren't sure, here are some excerpts from these fantastic interviews.

When you're finished reading these excerpts, be sure to order you copy of Wrestling Perspective #85 today!

Copyright Notice: These interviews are Copyright © 2000 Wrestling Perspective and may not be quoted, reprinted or distributed without written permission from Wrestling Perspective publishers Paul MacArthur and David Skolnick.

D'Lo Brown (excerpt)

Wrestling Perspective: The Darren Drozdov match had to be a tough situation. It must be something you think about often.

D'Lo Brown: On a constant basis. Jennifer, my fiance, and I have talked about it on several occasions. It is something that affected my life, professionally and personally.

Wrestling Perspective: Did you ever think of just packing it in?

D'Lo Brown: The day after it happened, I did a house show in Trenton and I flew home the next night and I sat down and I was contemplating just hanging them up and just ending it.

Wrestling Perspective: Through no fault of your own, you're in that situation. You see something like that happen and it has to affect you.

D'Lo Brown: We're in a profession where everything you so from a punch to a kick to a suplex to a shooting star press is a risk. It took me a long time to accept it and I don't even know if I truly accepted that. It would be different if it was Droz in the ring with someone else, but it was me. Through no fault of anyone, I still take responsibility for it because he was in the ring with me. Just like anyone else would. Luckily, I have a lot of friends in this business and this industry stemming from the office to the guys in our company and guys in the other company who made a lot of lengthy phone calls to me. Droz, himself, talking to him, there's no sense in ending two careers.

Wrestling Perspective: Did he urge you to stay?

D'Lo Brown: We've talked and he would say to me and he said in several interviews that that is not the thing he wanted me to do.

Kevin Nash

Wrestling Perspective: What are your feelings on the company's direction under Russo and Bischoff?

Kevin Nash: Personally, I'm a Russo fan. I'm a Russo fan and a Bischoff fan. I think if you watched what happened when we kicked New York's ass for 82 weeks or whatever it was when Russo came aboard, he threw a lot of things on the wall and some of it stuck. He's in that process right now. So the boys and other people have got to give Russo the opportunity to throw shit on the wall and see what's going to stick and Vince will go with what sticks. He's a very intelligent guy. To catch Vince (McMahon), Vince has got so much momentum right now. Hunter, Rock, all the boys are playing so hard, it's going to be hard to catch them. But we're going to do what we can do.

Wrestling Perspective: If nothing else, morale is certainly better.

Kevin Nash: Yeah, yeah, I mean there's some direction. Vince is very organized, which is positive. I'm on the team.

Wrestling Perspective: What was the feeling after Russo was originally removed and they brought in Kevin Sullivan?

Kevin Nash: Obviously, we were disappointed, but I mean they pulled the politics, but we knew it wouldn't last long.

Wrestling Perspective: Just tried to hold out for a few months hoping the situation would get better?

Kevin Nash: Most of us got hurt, oh, well. A lot of us got hurt and didn't come back until he came back. Imagine that. Me working for you. (Singing) Oh, sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

Wrestling Perspective: Does that make you a long-haired freaky person?

Kevin Nash: (Laughs) Yeah.

Wrestling Perspective: What do you think of the future of the company?

Kevin Nash: It can't get any worse. (Laughs) I'll leave it at that.

Missy Hyatt (who is standing next to Nash): Only when you were booking.

Kevin Nash: Oh, (chasing Hyatt and ending the interview) I had to book a three-hour show.

Steven Regal (excerpt)

Wrestling Perspective: Do you mind me asking you how long you've been clean?

Steven Regal: No, since Jan. 4, 1999.

Wrestling Perspective: What made you stop?

Steven Regal: The WWF put me into rehab. I was in such denial over my problem. I was so messed up. The mind was so messed up. They put me in there and I stayed in there for four months. That's it. I came out and it just gets better and better. It took a long time. It took till about the end of October maybe until I started feeling healthy. I'd also been very sick because of the drug problem. I had pneumonia constantly over and over, three times really bad. I had a viral infection and three lots of pneumonia.

Wrestling Perspective: It all started from injuries in the ring?

Steven Regal: Yeah, yeah, a neck injury. I started off with my knee and then I had neck injuries. After a while, I didn't need an excuse because once you're addicted to those kind of drugs, you can't stop because you become so sick when you stop that the only thing that makes you feel good is taking them. It's a vicious circle and it's hard to get away from.

Wrestling Perspective: It's also the lifestyle with the other guys. It's easy to fall into that trap.

Steven Regal: The biggest thing I've come to learn since I stopped is if you're going to rationalize it and make excuses for it, you're just going to keep going back to it. You can't rationalize it. There are guys who go through this, Dave Taylor and Fit Finlay. Even Fit Finlay with his leg operated has never taken a pain pill in his life. You can get through it. As long as you're rationalizing it and "oh, this is a hard lifestyle," then go and do something else. That's how I feel now. If I get to a point where I'm so hurt that I cannot go in the ring without it, then I will quit because being sober is the most important thing in my life now. More than anything else in my life is getting up in the morning and I'm not going to take a drink or have a pill. That's it because I've got nothing without that. I haven't got a family. I haven't got anything so you've got to put your priorities right. If it gets that bad that I can't then I'll take time off. If it doesn't heal up then I'll quit because it's just not worth it to me anymore. I know how miserable my life was and it was just sheer misery and I'm not going back to that.

Hugh Morrus (excerpt)

Wrestling Perspective: We spoke about a year ago at the Brian Hildebrand show and at that point, you basically gave me a verbal resignation from your job and said how much you hated working for the company. In the past year, have things gotten any better?

Hugh Morrus: Out of the past year, I think I've only been back for about two months so that goes to show you that somebody in that goofy office does read something.

Wrestling Perspective: What happened?

Hugh Morrus: I was out for six months. Medically, I have brain damage. I have nerve damage in my neck and in my head from the hardcore stuff. Years of hardcore before, but I wound up with three concussions in five weeks. They called for me to retire last October right after Halloween Havoc.

Wrestling Perspective: Who? Doctors?

Hugh Morrus: Yeah, a bunch of doctors. I kept trying to switch them to change their mind. Everyone said the same thing. They said, "You have brain damage." I said, "I know that, but I want to go back to work." I have a little time left on my life sentence. I've got less than a year. I'm just trying to make it positive now. Hopefully, the Misfits thing. It keeps me busy. You try to be happy with what you're doing. I'm starting to have a little fun again. It's a good bunch of kids in Chavo Guerrero and Lash Leroux. We have the Major Guns now. It's a lot different when the bosses actually talk to you instead of talking at you. So things have changed a little bit since I last talked to you, but unless something very drastic happens, I mean, you see what happens after 5 years, they take Hugh Morrus away and they call me Richard Cranium or whatever the hell they call me know.

Wrestling Perspective: So they bring you into the office and tell you they've got this idea for you?

Hugh Morrus: No, no one ever brought me in. They said at the pay-per-view as I'm getting ready to wrestle Scott Steiner for a title shot, they said, "By the way, go out and change your name tonight." I said, "Oh, okay." I liked the Hugh Morrus thing. I liked that. After 5 years, it was kind of different, but if anybody's paying attention, it's the same character that they didn't like. All they did was change my name, but now they like the character. So I said, "That's interesting." There's got to be a little sitcom in there somewhere.

Wrestling Perspective: Do you have to sign autographs Hugh E. Rection?

Hugh Morrus: I refuse to sign anything Hugh E. Rection. I'm still trying to explain it to my wife. She said, "Let me get this straight. Your new name is Hugh E. Rection and you walk out with a Major Guns." I said, "It's all part of the business, honey." I'm sure in the next month or so, she'll start talking to me again.

That's just a small sample of these great interviews. 

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Issue #85 is once again another masterful piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

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