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Lord Alfred Hayes Discusses His Fascinating Career In Wrestling Perspective Issues #88 & 89

Known to many modern day fans as a soft-spoken '80s WWF announcer, in the '60s and '70s, Lord Alfred Hayes was a top drawing heel who could rile up a crowd. He was also respected as one of the toughest wrestlers ever the lace a pair of boots.

Was it all glamour?

Was it all English roses?

Find out as Hayes lets his proper British hair down.

In this two-part interview, Lord Alfred Hayes discusses:

  • Being one of the tougher wrestlers in the business.
  • The hazards of being a heel.
  • Meeting a very young Andre The Giant.
  • How Lou Thesz took care of an English wrestling bully.
  • His thoughts on Stan Hansen.
  • His thoughts on the Von Erichs.
  • Why you don't tell the Don "The Spolier" Jardine you don't like Country music.
  • The real reason why people call him Lord.

These topics and many others are addressed by Lord Al Hayes in Wrestling Perspective Issues #88 & 89.

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Then read excerpts from the Lord Alfred Hayes Interview:

Hayes On Vince McMahon: "(Vince McMahon) really is a maestro, I don't know a word to describe him, but he knows that television business, the wrestling side of it, inside out. Other things he doesn't know. Like he tried to get into other things and they took all of his money." 

Hayes On The World Bodybuilding Federation: "Bodybuilders are usually stupid. They're usually very stupid people, but they sure took Vince for a ride. (laughs) Oh, millions."

Hayes On Dusty Rhodes: "I hate to speak ill of anybody, but Dusty (Rhodes) was unto himself. Everything unto himself."

Hayes On McMahon & Rhodes: "Vince used (Dusty Rhodes), I say used him. He didn't exploit him, but he used him."

Hayes On Karl Gotch:"If (Karl Gotch) thought that you were, use the term lightly, pansyish, he would really scrunch you down. But if he thought people accepted you as a good wrestler, then he was fine."

Hayes On His Injuries: "I used to be about 6 feet tall. I'm now about 5'6" because I had my fourth vertebrae removed. I actually had a broken back and didn't know tell you why I went in there, my left leg was paralyzed, I couldn't use it. It was like a piece of rubber." 

Hayes On His First Managing Job: "I did some managing that I didn't really want  to do, but I did it up in Minneapolis. Verne Gagne persuaded me to. I said to him, 'No, I don't want to be a manager because when you’re a manager, you go in and you do the main event and the wrestler gets the money and you who do all the work and all the talking get nothing.' So he said, 'I'll pay you what the main event gets.' So that's how much he wanted me to manage."

Hayes On Why He Didn't Book The Central States Promotion: "I said, '(Bob Brown is) the fellow you've got to get rid of. He's the guy who's dragging your territory down the most. He's been there since Adam and Eve in the Garden. You know, people just don't like him.'  He was a heel, but 'it's not that they don't like him because he's a heel. They just don't like him, Pat.' So he said, 'Well, you know, Bob Giegel wants him in here.' So I said, 'In that case, I don't want the book.' (laughs) Because I could only see failure, which it was so." 

Hayes On Rabid Fans: "Another time, up in Montreal, as I came out, a fellow belabored me with a pair of knuckle-dusters on his hand and he cut my eye. I had eight stitches above the eye. That was in Montreal. That wasn't a very nice experience either."

Hayes On Hulk Hogan:
"(Hulk Hogan is) full of charisma and he's great and I think the Hulk, he was the forerunner of modern wrestling as it is today."

Hayes On Brusier Brody:
"Basically, (Bruiser Brody) was a good fellow. But also, he had this tough man thing of how tough he was. And I think that was the cause of his demise in the end."

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What Else Will You Find In Issues #88 & 89?

David Skolnick explains why the WWF's initial decision not to purchase WCW was good for the wrestling industry. 

The Phantom of the Ring provids a historical look at African-Americans in pro wrestling as he reviews two wrestling books: The Rock Says and Black Stars of Professional Wrestling.

Paul MacArthur and David Skolnick give their Annual Wrestling Perspective Awards as they pick the best of the best ... and explain why they're right. 

Dusty Rhodes gets the Editors' Award for Lifetime Acheivement Award. 

The Phantom of the Ring and Bill "Potshot" Kunkel unleash "The Phannies" The worst of the worst!

What's a Phannie?  Well, here's one for you.

WORST PERFORMER - Goldberg. The clumsiest wrestler this side of Ahmed Johnson, Goldberg has spent much of 2000 on the disabled list. At whose hands did Goldberg suffer his injuries? Why his own, of course. Remember the bit where he decided to break the car window with his own forearm and ended up almost severing his arteries in the process? When he’s not busy disabling himself, he sees to it that his opponents have their careers shortened as well. Witness the spear on Bret Hart that ultimately forced him to retire. WCW has few enough credible stars as it is, they certainly can't afford to lose any more to this crowbar.

Dishonorable Mention - David Flair. Imagine the humiliation produced by the fact that Shane McMahon is a better performer than you are --.and you’re Ric Flair’s son! Living proof that talent is not necessarily inherited -- unless David really was adopted. At least Greg Gagne knows how Little David feels.

These are two great issues you shouldn't pass up.

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