I like Wrestling Perspective, I trust Wrestling Perspective, and you should too. Read WP and you'll get inside the heads of the important players in the game.  I recommend it without hesitation.

-- Christopher Cruise, former WCW Announcer

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Wrestling Perspective #92 Featuring The Terry Taylor Interview is on sale now

In this interview with the 21-year veteran, Terry Taylor, who most recently worked as a writer for World Championship Wrestling, gives his unique insight into the world of professional wrestling.

What happened in the final days of WCW?

Why is he not welcome in the new WCW?

Why did he have his ups and downs with Eric Bischoff?

What does he really think of Scott Steiner?

These questions and many others are answered only in Wrestling Perspective #92 -- and itís only the first part of this explosive interview with Terry Taylor.

Itís a must read interview for any wrestling fan.

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Not sold yet? 

Then read these excerpts below:

Terry Taylor On ...
Vince Russo:

"I think Vince is a creative genius. I think Vince Russo is organized. Most creative, smart people arenít organized. Theyíre scatterbrained. They have the big picture, but they donít know how to get things done. Vinny knew how to get characters over. He knew how to make people care about what was going on. He knew how to tell a story. He just wasnít schooled in the wrestling aspect of all of what I just said. Itís like Iíve said to other people, ĎI canít go from being a wrestling guy to selling shoes or vice versa.í Itís very hard to understand this business."

What it was like dealing with Kevin Nash:

"I donít know anybody, even on championship teams, who loves every decision a coach makes. Michael Jordan to Phil Jackson to anybody else. Being a writer, producer, is like being a coach and thereís only one ball and thereís five or six or 11 guys and they all want it. Thatís the push in wrestling. So youíre not going to make everybody happy. When youíre a top guy, you want the ball. Nash wanted to be featured. Thatís the deal when youíre on top and you have the work ethic. You want to be the guy that people say, ĎOh, God, what are we going to do?í And heís like, ĎLet me do it. I know what to do and I can do it.í"

Why Ted Turner was good for WCW:

"Ted Turner liked wrestling. When Ted Turner was in charge of TBS, Turner Entertainment, everything was good. Employees were happy. Money was being made, not on every level, but he had a commitment to baseball and basketball and also to wrestling. He was known for being loyal to those things. Then the Braves got good, the Hawks got good and then the wrestling got good. Everything goes in cycles. We started a down time, Ted got out of power and boy, things went to hell in a handbasket in a hurry."

Pushing the Natural Born Thrillers:

"People will say, ĎThose guys werenít ready.í Well, where are they going to get ready? Thereís no farm system. These kids were thrown into a situation where they were in a no-win. They went out there and they looked great and they worked hard and they worked with some of the veterans and some of the veterans did the right thing and helped them. Some of the veterans went out there and made them look bad. Itís tough."

That's not all. This revealing interview will give you new view of WCW and the WWF.

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Issue #92 is yet another groovy piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

What's more, it's only $3.00. 

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