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-- Former WCW Announcer Christopher Cruise

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Wrestling Perspective #93 featuring part II of the Terry Taylor interview is on sale now

In the second part of this interview, Taylor gives fascinating insight into how wrestling writers work together preparing television shows and pay-per-views. 

How far ahead do wrestling writers plan?

What was going to be the main event at the 2001 Starrcade that was never held?

Why does he now believe the Red Rooster was a great gimmick?

How did he find out about the WCW sale? 

Itís a must read interview for any wrestling fan.

These questions and many others are answered only in Wrestling Perspective #93.

Itís a must read interview for the serious wrestling fan.

Click Here To Order Issue #93 With A Credit Card

Not sold yet? 

Then read these excerpts below:

Terry Taylor On ...

How the end of Goldbergís winning streak in 1998 led him to quit the WCW booking committee:

"I quit the booking committee when I found out he was going to lose. In August of í98, I quit. Yeah, I got off the committee because I had been working really hard and they told me the direction they were going to go and I didnít believe in it. I said, ĎInstead of me fighting you tooth and nail,í they had a new group of guys come in with ideas, I just said, ĎYou guys go ahead and do that and Iíll just be an agent at the TVs and kind of decompress for a while.í I philosophically disagreed with it. Itís like a virgin. (laughs) He just never had to be beaten. It could have been one of those deals where he worked just three or four times a year. It would have paid for his own salary because of personal appearances and video footage and pay-per-view buy rates. People would have been eager to watch him work."

Why he quit WCW shortly thereafter:

"I didnít care. I was disgusted and fed-up and hurt. It was my fault.With Ericís treatment. I donít want to go into detail, but Eric can beÖHe was burnt out. This isnít anything I havenít said before and heíd say it. I allowed him to make me his whipping boy. I allowed him to say things to me and belittle me and call me stupid and stuff in front of my peers and I never said anything about it. I didnít know I could go to human resources and file a complaint. In the wrestling business, you either fight somebody when I came in or you left. If I had an argument with somebody, weíd go into the back and hash it out. If it got physical, it did. But when you came out, you were on the same team."

Mick Foley:

"I hurt like hell now. Iím 46. Iím 10 years older than Mick. He probably hurts as bad as I do now. Arthritis. I love him. He and I have had philosophical differences and itís been documented. Like I saw one time, I told him, ĎTry something different. Grab a hold.í Somebody heard it and it was all over the Internet like he and I had this heated discussion. The whole story is, Iím laughing and I said, Why donít you try something different? Grab a hold.í He laughed and said, ĎI donít know any.í You see, that part doesnít get on the Internet. Itís just me as an office guy going Terry Taylor telling Mick Foley, our hero, to change his style. I didnít tell him to change his style. We were laughing and having a good time. Mickís a wonderful human being, smart. He did what he thought he had to do and he was right. He was one of the elite in our business and heís going to pay for it. Everybody decides what price theyíre willing to pay. Iím getting my 10th and 11th knee surgeries. Nobody comes out of the dance unscathed." 

Bill Watts:

"I called Watts for two years, once a month, and said, "Come to WCW. If anyone can turn it around, it's you." So he finally does come in and says, "Everybody starts with a clean slate. Terry, you're fired." He did what he had to do. I don't begrudge a guy. Personally, it hurt my feelings because I was part of the package that helped make him money. But that was 10 years ago. Business and life goes on. If he's the coach and he thinks I have no value or my value is limited at that time and he wants to bring someone else in at that time, that's his prerogative. He doesn't owe me. That's what's wrong with the business. I've come to the realization now that Vince McMahon doesn't owe me a job, the WWF doesn't owe me a job and the business doesn't owe me. Every time I got paid, the slate started over. Nobody owed me anything and I think that's why I'm so at peace with all of this. I had a great run. If I'm out of the business, I'm out, but it doesn't owe me. The WWF doesn't owe me a severance. They don't owe me a paycheck. They don't owe me shit and I think that's part of the problem with the talent or the guys in it. 'I hurt myself working for this guy and he owes me.' Well, it was your choice."

That's not all. Taylor has much more to say and the only way to read it is to order Issue 93.

Still not sure? Then...

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Issue #93 is yet another masterful piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

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