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Mark Henry Is Angry With Wrestling Perspective

Wrestling Perspectiveís editors interviewed several of the top performers attending the recent Brian Pillman Memorial Show including Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon, Dean Malenko, William Regal, Justin Credible and Mark Henry. 

Most of the wrestlers appreciated our straight-forward no nonsense questions. 

Mark Henry did not. 

In fact, our conversation with Mark Henry became so contentious that you have to read it to believe it. Read Wrestling Perspective #94 and find out why the big man became upset with our probing questions.

In issue #94...

  • Malenko talks about his expectations as a WWF talent agent.
  • Page explains why he left behind guaranteed money in WCW for a chance to compete in the WWF.
  • Kanyon discusses the difference between WCW and the WWF.
  • Regal details why you donít see him wrestle much on television.
  • Mark Henry says we're trying to "p*** people off." 
These topics and many others are discussed in Wrestling Perspective #94. You'll also get interviews with other talent at the Pillman Show including the legendary Ricky Steamboat, David Flair, Steve Corino, and the adversarial discussion with Mark Henry.

Itís a must read for any wrestling fan.

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Not sold yet?

Then read these excerpts below:

Malenko on the WWF-Alliance angle:

"Well, this is my 21st year in the business and I think Iíve seen, done, been around everything. This is the last remaining thing in the wrestling industry. Thereís nothing more to see. This is the one last thing that we thought our business would never come to, but you try to do the best with the situation thatís there. Iíve said this before and I donít say this just because heís my boss, but if anybody could do anything with WCW, itís Vince McMahon. Vince is a genius when it comes to this business. Heís proven that time in and time out."

Regal on working with Tajiri

"Heís great, tremendous from day one. The first day I wasnít really sure when I was told Iíd be with him. The way it was explained to me by one of the guys, the writers, I wasnít happy because I thought it was going to be like an Inspector Clouseau kind of thing. I said, ĎIím funny enough without making me funny. You donít have to make me funny. Tell me what you want and Iíll make it funny.í Then I spoke to Vince and he said, ĎNo, itís not like that at all.í From day one, I feed off of him. I let him do what he wants and I just feed off of him so itís great."

Kanyon on the disorganization of WCW

"In the heyday of the NWO, actually when we were doing our best ratings, sometimes the main event, you werenít finding out what your match was until the first match was already out there live on TV. Youíre second or third and theyíre telling you what your match is. It literally got that bad at times. Even in the end, travel was real unorganized. It was not run well and thatís why it went out of business."

Credible on his final days with ECW

"It was extremely difficult because I very much had a 100-percent loyalty to Paul. We are friends. We were friends. It was a very difficult decision, but it became a choice of family because Iíd just had a newborn son. He still is. Heís a young man, 15 months, and I had to support my family and I had no income. So it was a very difficult decision. Itís one I didnít want to make."

Henry on why he was sent down to Ohio Valley Wrestling

"If you want to ask me is there a reason for me being in the Ohio Valley rather than the WWF, yes, there is a reason. The reason is I did not belong there. I could not compete at that level. It was a high schooler trying to play with college boys. It was a college boy trying to play with the pros. That was me. But now Iím a pro and thereís no man wearing tights or any other kind of clothing that can stand face to face with me and handle it like I can." 

Henry on being interviewed by Wrestling Perspective
"I don't like your questions." 

Order issue #94, featuring these fantastic interviews today.

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