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Missy Hyatt Tells All In
Wrestling Perspective #96

Missy Hyatt is anything but a quiet, reserved person who keeps her comments to herself. 

In this interview with Wrestling Perspective, Missy Hyatt lets her hair down and holds nothing back as she talks about her life in the ring, running a soft-core wrestling porn site, her autobiography, Missy Hyatt, First Lady of Wrestling: The Original Sexy Sidekick Tells All, and her thoughts on some of the biggest names in the business.

In this unrestrained interview Missy Hyatt discusses:

  • Why she created and why it has always been a dream of hers to establish the Web site.
  • How she would properly promote the ladies of the World Wrestling Federation.
  • Which women in the wrestling business she admires.
  • Why plastic surgeons around the country owe her a debt of gratitude.
  • What was the wildest thing she ever did in the business.
  • What attracted her to wrestling.
  • What job she would like to hold in the near future.
  • What it takes to make it in pro wrestling. 
  • What to expect in her book, Missy Hyatt, First Lady of Wrestling: The Original Sexy Sidekick Tells All.
These topics and many others are addressed by Missy Hyatt only in Wrestling Perspective #96. 

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Then read these excerpts below: 

Missy Hyatt on being a woman in pro wrestling... 
"I used to go to Dusty Rhodes with ideas and he'd go, 'Oh, honey did you figure that out yourself or did someone give you that idea?' And that's okay. That's okay. I knew my place in the pecking order of wrestling. I was told, 'You should be glad you have a job.' I knew my pecking order and I know the women up there in the WWF don't have any kind of say whatsoever. But, none of the boys do." 

Missy Hyatt on Sunday Night Heat...
"Listen, that Sunday Night Heat show sucks."

Missy Hyatt on Debra McMichael...
"She does look like a witch. You want to talk about plastic surgery ... And she's 100 years-old."

Missy Hyatt on Kevin Sullivan...
"The day he dies I'm dancing on his grave."

Missy Hyatt on what she learned from Eddie Gilbert and Jake Roberts...
"Psychology. I learned how to keep my mouth shut. I learned how to politic. I learned how to shake everybody's hand. I learned just the business. It was when I got in WCW, after Jason (Hervey) and I broke up and Jason and Eric Bischoff were like butt buddies, I was getting... I was supposed to go with the Hollywood Blondes. They put me with the Nasty Boys. Jason knew I didn't want to go on the road as a manager. He knew I wanted to be an announcer. So, of course, they made me a manager with the Nasty Boys. So then when I started saying my opinions, and what I think should have happened, that's when all the sh*t happened and that's why I got fired."

Missy Hyatt on Steve Cornio...
"Corino will never go anywhere."

Missy Hyatt on Paul Heyman...
"Paul would rather climb a tree, a thorny tree, and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth. But, I've known him for years and years and years and I still love him no matter what."

You want Missy, you've got Missy!!!

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But Wait, There's More!!! (Yes it's a cliche, but read on...)

We're also selling complete reprints of Wrestling Perspectives #42, 43, 44, 47, and 61, which contain all of Missy Hyatt's previous Wrestling Perspective interviews. 

In these interviews, which were conducted in 1994 & 1996, Hyatt details how she got involved in wrestling, describes her best and worst moments in the business, discusses her biggest professional regret, tells us what she wants to do with Michael Jackson, talks about the legendary Gino Hernandez, and provides the type of wild insight into the business only she's capable of giving. 

Hyatt also goes into extensive detail about her lawsuit against World Championship Wrestling. In fact Wrestling Perspective was the only publication Hyatt talked to about the WCW lawsuit when she filed it back in 1994. We broke the lawsuit story wide open and her comments about it are incredibly candid. 

Actually, her comments about everything are beyond candid. Not only will you learn about Missy Hyatt, you'll learn about the wrestling business with these exclusive interviews. You'll also discover her personal side as she discusses growing up and dealing with the death of her former husband, Eddie Gilbert. 

These fascinating interviews have been out of print for almost five years, but we're bringing them back as a set for a limited time only. 

Back issues of Wrestling Perspective normally sell for $3 a piece. But we're selling the Missy Hyatt Special, which consists of five issues, for the discounted price of $12.99. 

It's really a great bargain, as these classic issues of Wrestling Perspective contain not only the phenomenal and often outrageous Hyatt interviews, but also a full length interview with Sherri Martel, great commentary on the mid-Nineties wrestling scene, and of course the timeless Phantom columns. 

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Issue #96 is once again another masterful piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

Order Issue #96 today!!!

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