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Dick Hutton Breaks His Silence In Wrestling Perspective #97


Former NWA Heavyweight Champion Dick Hutton has been a mystery man for decades. Since he dropped out of the sport in 1965 his life has been the subject of speculation and rumor. 

He lost his shirt in the oil business said one rumor. 

He was wheelchair-bound due to his injuries said another. 

The fact is, few people knew the truth about the three-time NCAA champion as he's been virtually silent to the press since he left the game more than 35 years ago. 

Enter wrestling's foremost historian, the Phantom of the Ring. 

If anyone could find the truth it was the Phantom. 

If anyone knew what questions to ask Hutton, it was most certainly the Phantom. 

The Phantom did indeed find Dick Hutton and his conversation with one of wrestling's most mysterious legends is as intriguing as it is monumental. 

In this fantastic interview, Hutton discusses: 

His extensive amateur career including competing in the 1948 Olympics. 

His experiences as a pro shooter defending a promoter's $1,000 against all comers. 

How he was groomed to be Lou Thesz's successor as world champion. 

His response to long-time criticism that he was a flat draw as champion. 

How he found out he was losing the world title. 

Why he left wrestling. 

His professional regrets. 

His thoughts on the legends of the ring. 

These topics and many others are addressed by Hutton only in Wrestling Perspective #97. 

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Then read these excerpts below: 

Dick Hutton on Verne Gagne...
"Verne Gagne was my toughest adversary during my college career, to say the least. He, too, made one hell of a professional." 

Dick Hutton on his controversial NCAA Finals loss to Gagne...
"The referee took the points away and the match was back to 1-1. Deciding that Gagne had been the more dominant wrestler, the referee raised Verne's hand in victory." 

Dick Hutton on why he became a pro wrestler...
"I was looking at a newspaper and saw 'Verne Gagne, wrestler, makes $160,000.' I said to myself, 'Gosh, I can do that . . .'" 

Dick Hutton on Lou Thesz...
"I always though Lou Thesz was the epitome of what a professional wrestler should be, and a professional everything, for that matter ... He was the only man I ever faced in the ring, professional or amateur, who was faster than I was." 

Dick Hutton on Buddy Rogers...
"Buddy could take a quiet crowd and turn them all into a raging mob." 

Dick Hutton on why his first marriage failed...
"My constantly being away had a lot to do with it ... Also, I was a bad boy." 

Dick Hutton on just how bad...
"Real bad." 

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Issue #97 also includes: 

Advice on the WWF product that Vince McMahon sorely needs take. 

How can you lose?

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Issue #97 is once again another masterful piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

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