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WWF Referee Charles Robinson explains how he broke into the wrestling business in Wrestling Perspective #98.


Charles Robinson grew up dreaming about getting into the wrestling business. While some are satisfied to live out their dreams in their head, Robinson worked on making his come true. 

After spending years as a salesman and occasionally working small Carolina indy shows, Robinson decided it was now or never for him. In this interview, Robinson talks about how he made his dream a reality. 

You''ll find out:

  • How he broke into the wrestling business.
  • How he was willing to make an extreme splash in his debut to get attention.
  • How persistence paid off for him.
  • How he got his big break and who gave it to him.
 These topics and others are addressed by Robinson only in Wrestling Perspective #98. 

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Then read these excerpts: 

Robinson on being determined to work in the wrestling business
"I took a lot of my sales experience being persistent and asking for the order, asking for the order, over and over looking for a job. Anytime they were close in town, I would show up. I would dress nice. Thatís the problem. A lot of guys go looking for work at the arenas and they look like they just left the gym. I had to be different. I dressed nice and professional and I showed up every time they were close to us. I got to know who everyone was."

Robinson on how he was able to get his foot in the door at WCW
"I was lucky in a way because being in this area their head of security, Doug Dillinger, he worked this area for years and years and he was actually a police officer with my grandfather. So I knew Doug. I think that helped me a little bit with not getting kicked out when I probably should have. (A WCW official) walked up to me and said, "Charles," I knew that I had the foot in the door."

Robinson on his wrestling hero, Ric Flair
"Oh, yeah, first time I saw him, my hero. He is charismatic, he stood out from everyone else. He got your attention. You could tell that he strived to be the best. Even at a young age, you could tell that. He thought he was the best and he worked to be the best. I loved heels. Thatís all I ever liked. When heíd be a babyface, Iíd say, ĎOkay, Iím only going to pull for Ric, not any of the other babyfaces.í Iím waiting till he turns back one of the 20 times."

Robinson on how he learned to be a referee
"Iíve never had any formal training. Itís just from getting in there and doing it over and over and over and watching tape. I mean Tommy Young growing up was the referee to me. He was the man. I took a lot of his mannerisms and incorporated what I do. I owe him a lot for the success Iíve had in this business. Heís a great guy, a great guy."

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Issue #98 also contains Paul MacArthur and David Skolnick's Annual WP Awards. We pick last year's best of the best ... and explain why we're right. 

We also bestow the Editors' Award for Lifetime Acheivement Award on The Fabulous Freebirds.  Read issue #98 and find out why. 

Then The Phantom of the Ring gives us "The Phannies" --  The worst of the worst!

What's a Phannie?  Well, here's one for you.

WORST CHAMPION: This year's winner is no one in particular, rather a title itself, the Hardcore Title. We fans need this like we need increased ticket prices. It adds nothing to the card and only forces a good performer to risk serious injury flinging garbage with a less-talented one. 
     We see the same old props brought into every match: the garbage can (don't forget that lid), a cheap table or two, a metal ladder, and, sometimes, the ring steps. Count on the match to leave the ring for the back and beyond, where the loser is pinned: (a) in a pile of waste in the boiler room, (b) on the hood of a car, or (c) on the cold concrete floor. 
     In the end, who cares? I guess if this title was eliminated, it would deprive fans of seeing that real cool looking title belt, you know, the one that looks it was made by two teams of spastic contestants on "Junkyard Wars."

Dishonorable Mention - Jeff Jarrett. As a new promotion and possible rival to the WWF, the WWA must build around a credible champion. So whom do they choose? Why none other than Mister Charisma himself. Compared to Jarrett, Al Gore comes off as dynamic. 

As always, the Phannies are a laff riot and Issue #98 is another groovy piece of work from the Wrestling Perspective staff. 

What's more, it's only $3.00. 

Order Issue #98 today!!!

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Wrestling Perspective #98
The Charles Robinson Interview
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