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WWF Referee Charles Robinson 
discusses the dying days of 
World Championship Wrestling 
only in Wrestling Perspective #99.


Referee Charles Robinson was with WCW until the bitter end. He experienced all the pain and agony of watching a company he loved take its last breaths. In this interview, Robinson explains what happened during the final days of WCW, talks about his experiences in the ring as the Little Nature Boy and tells how a misplaced elbow by Randy Savage put him in the hospital. 

You will also learn: 

  • Who throws a harder worked punch - Tank Abbott or Scott Hall.
  • What it's like to suffer through a collapsed lung.
  • His thoughts on Vince Russo, Terry Taylor, Kevin Nash and Johnny Ace.
  • How the Little Nature Boy gimmick was developed and eventually killed off.
  • Which wrestlers are his favorites in the ring.
  • Working on the set of "Ready to Rumble" and how it still pays off - sort of. 
 These topics and others are addressed by Robinson only in Wrestling Perspective #99. 

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Then read these excerpts:

Why Robinson thought Eric Bischoff was going to be his boss again instead of Vince McMahon:
"I guess just a day or so before Vince (McMahon) bought it. Bischoff came in and went to the pay-per-view in St. Louis and did some other things. He was running the show. I talked to him and I was excited about what was going to happen. Then all of a sudden, Bischoff's deal fell through and we're off TNT and TBS and Vince McMahon is going to buy it. It was a total shock to me." 

Why WCW did so poorly at the end of its run:
"I don't know. I don't have an answer. I don't think anyone has an answer for it. If they did, hopefully, they would have tried to fix it. I wish I knew. Maybe it was the wrong storylines and people didn't want to see those or things that just didn't make sense. We would try things for a few short weeks and if it wasn't working, we'd just forget that it ever existed and start with something else. Maybe the fans wanted to see something completed and finalized. I would have loved to have seen the Little Nature Boy gimmick finalized in some capacity." 

What Robinson did in between his time in WCW and the WWF:
"I went from making great money to nothing. It was hard. I was out building decks, doing manual labor. (laughs) It really makes you appreciate what you did before because when you have a wonderful life with so much fine, you lose track and you take it for granted. You think it's never, ever going to end. When it does, it slaps you in the face." 

What it's like to be on the receiving end of a Randy Savage elbow:
 "I was going to kick out of Savage's elbow, (laughs) but since he hurt me, I thought it best to lay there. I just thought the air was knocked out of me. I rolled out of the ring. Aysa helped me to the back. I went up to my room because the hotel's right there at the arena and 45 minutes later, I still couldn't breathe. I called Jimmy Hart. He came up to my room. He said, 'Let's call the E.M.T.s.' They called the ambulance, they came and got me and carted me away. I spent the night in the hospital and flew home the next day to Charlotte." 

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Issue #99 also contains 

  • "Who Are These People?" - A wrestling primer like no other. Think you know who's who in pro wrestling? Guess again. 
  • "A Little Pasta With Your Kielbasa" - The Phantom of the Ring looks at the life and career of The Mighty Igor.
Issue #99 is too good to pass up.

What's more, it's only $3.00. 

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Wrestling Perspective #99
The Charles Robinson Interview
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